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Commercial Spas and Hot tubs Portable or In ground

Westland provides commercial spas and cold plunge pools built to highest standards, including independent testing standards, A.S.M.E, and (VGB) Virginia Graeme Baker Act Compliant. We have 30 years experience with commercial spa installations.  Westland can provide CAD drawings, installation instructions, and assistance with health department issues.  

Please call for commercial spa info 1- 877-571-3841

Commercial Spa Pictures        Links to Health Departments

Model WB 6000

Model WB 8800

Model WB 8300 

Model WB 9000


Models WB 8100
Model WB-7   
SP-7 Commercial Spa

Model WB-14


Model WB-9

Custom Commercial Spas Tile or Stainless Steel 


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